Residential Property Tax Consultant

Confirming the Data of Your Homes with the Records of County

The property value of your home can be affected by the small over sites on county records. Is the count of your bathroom, right? What is the number of fireplaces in your history? Does the area of the basement labeled and has a finishing? Hence, these are some of the doubts you must clear before the review of your house record.

Find the value of Your Property for Square Footage

The amount of your property is profoundly affected if the square footage record is not correct. The first things that can lead to the incorrect square footage measurement are the living area above the garage, unfinished attic space, and so on. If we feel anytime that the measure is not correct, we perform the re measure of your space.

The Use of Photos of Home and Other Areas for Obsolescence

Pictures play an essential role in this procedure. We ensure taking interior as well as exterior images of your home. Moreover, we also capture the areas of your house that has problems in it. It is in use for board consideration.

Checking the Sales of Similar Properties

To find the current year value, we take the support of the previous year’s sales. We also consider various other aspects such as sale, condition, quality, and the host of multiple factors to find out the properties showcasing the best price of your home.

Matching the Value of Your Home with the Neighborhood

It is vital to check the value of your home with those present in the neighborhood. There is regular maintenance of a spreadsheet which includes all the comparison points of the homes which are present near your home. It is important to note that the value of your house must be similar to those in your neighborhood.

Considering the Problematic Outside Influences

Sometimes apart from your internal issues, the problem can also be external. Various external things such as land fields, power lines, and so on might affect the overall value of your property.

You can contact property Appraisal Department for Information to Support Your Case

We will contact the appraiser who is in charge of handling your area for requesting sales and information to value the place in your home.

Individual Instruction for Your Board of Equalization Inquiry

We will assess the standard in-service events use in the Board of Equalization Hearings. We will talk about and evaluate distinctive questions presented to most homeowners so that you do not worry about the process.

Arrange Your Personalized Request Note

The inclusion of your package is your letter, which appeals to your properties’ value. It also includes all of the concerns that you have related to the value of your house.