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Property Tax Appeals

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Discover How To Use Your Comparables and Adjustment Figures and Structure Them To Hold Up Under Scrutiny using our How Prepare a Winning Property Tax Reduction Appeal Guidebook

You need to find comparables that should be chosen from real estate MLS (multiple listing service) sold homes. You should drive by the comparable and note how your home compares to them and reinforce your impression. Then use a simple to implement itemized work book to reduce your property taxes!
Then you make plus or minus adjustments for differences between your home and the comps. We show you what percentages to use, what adjustments to make, what to look for and how to do it right.
If you’re stuck again with a high property tax and are looking to protest your assessment through a property tax appeal, we are here to guide you. As the consultant Zig Ziglar says, “Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen.”

The Following Are the guaranteed BEST property tax reduction guides that walk you through an effective real estate tax appeal and bring to light ALL the property tax calculations you need to make for adjustments due to differences in size, location, quality, age of structure + or – patios, decks, garages … plus ALL the adjustments necessary for maximizing an accurate appeal.


Property Tax Appeal Report

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How to step out of the victim category and save an over-assessed home value by Challenging Your high property taxes

Get control without the expense of an appraiser, property tax consultant or high-priced lawyer.
This easy to follow guide is for: Home Buyers, Property Owners, Assessors, Auditors, Appraisers, For Sale By Owner, Insurance Agencies, or a Lending Institutions.
Accurately define your homes’ market value. Challenge and reduce your property tax assessment guide.
  • Similar to valuing a diamond ring or an auto.
  • You will know and be in control without the high expense of hiring an appraiser, property tax consultant or lawyer.
  • This easy to follow guide is for: Home Buyers, Property Owners, Assessors, Auditors, Appraisers, For Sale By Owner, Insurance Agencies, or a Lending Institutions.
  • Learn how to lower your property taxes, plug in the right comparable figures for your home and saving you more than half the time on the learning curve.
  • Learn how to make all the price adjustments you need to make your appeal authentic and in order to keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket.
  • When you win a lower property tax assessment it rolls over year after year. It’s not just a one shot deal! Those savings roll over year after year, savings that can pay for your Christmas shopping year after year.
  • This is not like any other book you’ve ever read. I make real life valuation snapshot float onto a paper in the way of a coherent property tax appeal that will hold up to scrutiny. Our aim is for you to win your appeal.
  • To have someone else do this research and appear with you at the municipal level gets expensive fast. Instead, for just $39 eBook Property Tax Guide Pro will get your professional properly tax appeal done in the least time. It will be just as if you had a professional appraiser as a coach helping you put together your property tax appeal.
  • The author has spent over $15,000 on appraisal courses, books and seminars. That price tag does not include his on the job educational expenses. He will give you the nuts and bolts on how to put together an effective valuation appeal. You’ll get opinions and examples from other trusted appraisers. You’ll get percentage guidelines to use for adjustments that just like other professional appraisers use for your valuation categories. You get all this PLUS bonus reports.

These are 3 Main Steps Necessary in Making a Property Tax Appeal.

  • Dividing the assessed value by the sales ratio ( could also be called the equalization rate or a variety of other similar names) to find the actual value the town has place on your property. Note that assessed value does NOT equal market value.
  • Get photocopies of some sold homes from a local real estate company. This shows all the seller features that would entice a buyer to purchase that home, information that does not show up on a computer generated result.
  • Compare the SOLD comparables to your home and if the difference is significant enough, APPEAL!

Other areas to adjust for are only found in multiple listing service (MLS) sold listing reports that a real estate broker will furnish to you for free. Tell them you are considering a property tax appeal and they will run off a number of comparables home and give you a photocopy that list all the details and selling features of a home. This proprietary information does not make it in a computer generated report found on the internet.

Computer generated reports off the internet do not account for a large number of variables. Major adjustments with square footage differences, age, location differences and other glaring inequities need to be verified. Unless you walked into a comparable home you would not be able to uncover selling features. These selling feature adjustments lower your homes market value conclusion.

Remodeled kitchens, vaulted ceilings, oak floors, .. etc. and other current selling features are on a Multiple Listing page that functions to target a potential buyer. Someone who appeals their taxes can use this good evidence and adjust for the lack of that feature in their home.

Using do-it-yourself approach with MLS information helps greatly with the needed detective work in order to do a proper job.

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You Get the Best-Kept House Value Secrets used by Home Appraisers step-by-step guide to prepare a property tax appeal that sticks. You reduce your tax bill and learn where and how to use acceptable healthy facts and dollar estimates. You learn what it takes to keep below the radar screen.

With this Book You Will Learn How Much An Improvement Is Worth use real market values for home improvements NOT high priced figures that are over the top.

In Nassau County, N. Y., of 100,000 taxpayers who filed protests in 2003, about 41,000 won reductions. The average reduction was $881 in annual property taxes. (consumer reports org)

“It’s been our experience the average reduction is $450…. There’s about a 70 percent success rate.”   Galveston, TX (median priced home $83,000/per US Census, much lower than nat’ average) – Property tax expert Pat O’Connor, 5/13/06 Galveston Daily News

The tax assessor determines your house value by comparing local sales figures or estimates how much replacing a home would cost. Usually they roll over previous years figures since it would be too time consuming to visit every house.

Some states use a ratio or a fractional assessment. For instance, if the ratio is 50% in your state, you think your house is worth no more than $200,000 and your assessment is for $175,000 don’t be fooled. You are being overcharged by $75,000! (Your assessment should have been for $100,000.)

” I read Property Tax Appeals. It made the difference in winning my case. … ” Vern Williams

You Will Be Able to Reduce Your Personal Property Taxes

How do you obtain the market value for a home? Is it possible to reduce you personal property taxes with a fairly high probability of success without the expense of hiring an expensive appraiser or an attorney to represent you? Can people successfully put together an effective property tax appeal that will persuade the taxing authorities and is sure to get results? Property Taxl Reduction – get started now!

There are many areas for you to look at that can bring down the value of your house. Often they have the wrong heated square foot figures at the tax office, they don’t take into consideration the cracked foundation, the old roof, bug infestations and 100’s of other things that could bring down your assessment.

Appeal what your property tax assessor thinks your house value should be? If it’s too high the answer is a definite yes, and if you’re willing to do a simple house value market value determination, then you will be in the winners circle.

How often have you paid your property taxes and consciously knew you were probably overpaying?

That’s only the normal gnawing feeling since, as you know, without a reliable rule book and guide for establishing house market values at your disposal you would be pulling figures out of thin air. The taxing authority, as you realize, only grant reductions on appeals that make “professional” rule-book appraisal sense.

What you’ll need and what you get are stand up home appraisal tips as well as the rule-book guidelines and easy to follow examples. You need to be certain. Then you can establish your final home appraisal value. You need to know the rules and simple formulas that have been tested and work. You don’t know it yet but, at the conclusion of this ad, you will feel driven to order and experience all the benefits of our expertise.

What you are looking for is an economical and reliable source that you can trust to establish house market values. Your main goal is to influence the taxing authorities in the most positive sense – and win!

You will get to use easy-to-apply worksheet examples. Not an ordinary house appraisal rule book.

  • Complete proven result getting solutions for a house tax reduction. All the “Big” (or the “Small”) house value issues are addressed.
  • Use deductions by the book that stick using accepted appraisal methods & backed by authoritative home appraisal references.
  • Easy examples to follow – house appraisal values, facts and figures – all the categories for home appraisal deductions explained.
  • Use this book in any free country that allows homeowners to challenge a home tax assessment. Sound home appraisal valuation principles are universal in application. Use them anywhere in the free world.
  • Dollar adjustment ranges you can rely on for your home appraisal value.
  • Proven techniques you the homeowner can use to get the upper hand an gain a higher-probability for your property tax appeal refunds.
  • Complete reference for almost any house value question regarding a house tax reduction appeal.
  • Successful, orthodox and less orthodox methods explained in detail.
  • Cut your prep time in half using this guide. You can not afford not to read this book – avoid learning by trial and error.
  • “The great equalizer” – the low budget way to compete with the tax assessor. Almost every home appraisal strategy, method, secret, resource, tool and trick explained to launch your case. You won’t find this in your college studies or bookshelves.

 Consumer Reports has published that property tax records show an error rate of 40% exists in estimating property taxes. The National Taxpayers Union wrote that as many as 60% of all homeowners are over-assessed and not in line with their home market value. As a taxpayer, your primary goal should be to determine if you are paying your fair share of property taxes.

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If all they want me to do is tell them what to do, they’ll still pay about $200 for an half-hours advice.
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Since I Can’t Do Property Tax Appeals In Your Town since I live too far away to drive there.   So,  I want to give you the best tools, best advice, forms to use and best chance to win your property tax appeal.

Instead, I’ve published this workable ebook at $39

* Make your Property Tax Appeal Stick using this
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The tax assessor does not have the time or mental energy to do his job and cover the whole municipality. Generally he/she will simply roll over previous years numbers to arrive at the current assessment. The only time they normally go to “work” is when faced with an tax appeal.

And, the only way to know if you have a case, economically speaking, is to do it yourself. An appraiser doing house appraisals usually goes into an assignment blind, not knowing the neighborhood, the house values or the comparables beforehand. But, you already are somewhat familiar with the flaws of your home and some of the neighborhood characteristics that could effect house values. We’ll show you where and what to look for in comparables and how to do an accurate market analysis.

Now you can hire an attorney for $500 and an appraiser for $130 – $200 plus another $200 -$400 for him or her to present their evidence to the appealing authorities. There is no guarantee you’ll win. Now that can add up to over $1,000. Or, for 39 bucks get the tried and tested do-it-yourself guide.

eBook Property Tax Pro 2.0 “How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property and Win a Real Estate Tax Appeal” includes valuable information anyone can use to reduce their property tax burden. Take advantage of this offer now and you’ll get the following free bonus.

FREE SPECIAL OFFER for You: Free extra Residential Market Analysis Forms. Free Subject Photographic Addendum Forms. Free Comparative Photographic Addendum Forms.

Here is a sample of what these bonus forms will do for you:

  • Present a logical professional looking report.
  • Get serious attention as well as a more favorable treatment.
  • Will help you organize your value conclusion information.
  • Highlight key information in the best possible manner.

With this book you will have the perspectives and observations of leading home valuation experts at your disposal. PROPERTY TAX APPEALS: HOW TO WIN YOUR CASE. How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property will show you how to maximize your win.

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You Save Literally THOUSANDS of Dollars WITHOUT Making the Common Mistakes that End Up Costing You Money.

This comprehensive house value eBook is designed for newcomers and veterans alike.

  • Avoid the biggest mistakes. Inject life and reason into your house tax reduction appeal!
  • “How to Win Property Tax Appeals” is not your ordinary publication. You’ve probably seen others selling this information & software for twenty to over ten thousand dollars. Courses in property taxes, classes in house and land tax appraisal & tax appeals cost in the thousands. The author had invested over $10,000 in these classes & courses & he has worked in field. His observations and knowledge of accepted guidelines and practices are distilled into a practical concise book.
  • The author has won over 90% of the property tax appeals he has championed. His and other leading expert authorities’ experiences and accepted home appraisal guidelines are laced into this book.
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Property Tax Appeal Report

all transactions are safe and secure
60 day money back guarantee!

Since you’ve read this far, you probably realize how valuable accurate advice on how to reduce your property taxes is

I know firsthand that absolutely anyone can win a home property tax appeal if they have a case. The fact is not many people are actually doing it. And why not…? Because they do not know how to find their real house value and they do not present an appeal in a format that pleases the home tax assessment authorities.

Learning what it takes to win an appeal has not been written plainly by insiders. Trial-and-error learning takes more time than most people want to invest. This book will lead you by the hand. It will show you precisely what to do without a huge time investment. 

Easy to use forms and charts supplied. This thorough, no-nonsense book will give you the edge in filing a winning house tax reduction appeal. Use our perspective as well as proven observations from other leading experts. “Property Tax Appeals: How to Win Your Case – How to Determine the Market Value of Residential Property”will show you how to maximize your win. Shorten your learning curve and do it in half the time.

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PS Just imagine how using accepted appraisal deductions that stick and using accepted comparison forms will get you a leg up in gaining a property tax appeal that looks more professional. If you are going to buy ONE home value determination resource, be certain it contains all the inside home appraisal value information, all the comparable money ranges/percentages and authoritative input this publication does.

House values, home market value, appraised house values – what do they mean? And how they relate to assessed value? Define your real home appraised value and a few comparable house market values and you can challenge your assessment.

Although there shouldn’t be, there is a difference when an appraiser defines a home value for a mortgage company or for a property tax appeal. It is in the best interest for the buyer and the mortgage company if the appraised value is higher. Many reports have shown a bias in that direction. Your tax assessor has a bias in engaging higher valuations, overlooking flaws, depreciation, etc.

Property tax and home appraisal guidelines make your property taxes understandable. Property tax appeals are winnable because of inaccurate or misconstrued house market values. Home value & comparable house values need to be defined for an accurate home market value estimate. Use this book to make the numbers work for you.

For yet more information Property Tax Reduction Guide for the complete property tax appeal download.

Property tax reduction: define your home value and reduce property taxes. Accurate do-it-yourself property tax appeal reduction manual